Vb protect I medical face shields. Since May 2020

In April 2020, at the start of the coronavirus, a medical wholesaler sought contact with van den Berg MouldTech to develop and manufacture medical face shields. We took up the challenge and from this VB Protect I Medical Face Shields was born.

After a long test and development period, in which an optimal mould was designed, the cooperation was made with the best suppliers of headbands and face shields, the VB Protect I Medical Face Shields were introduced to the market in May 2020. We were not the first, but because we do not compromise on quality/health requirements our face shields were purchased by medical wholesalers, universities and (special) education.


We applied for and received a CE mark; the face shieds are antibacterial and antiviral. During the first few months of production, we did not realised that sustainability and 100% recyclability had an enormous added value.

Sustainable and recyclable

At the beginning of the second wave, we noticed that, despite stocks in hospitals, in addition to safety and wearing comfort, the environmentally friendly aspect of the protection equipment is now critically examined. For example, following expert infection prevention, a number of hospitals are opting for our face protectors (with repeat orders.)
For more information, please visit www.vb-protect.nl or faceshieldstore.nl

vb protect I medical face shields

  • Sustainable
  • 100 % recycable, the interchangeable face shields are made of A-PET, thus environmentally friendly
  • No use of PVC or foam headbands. PVC is very difficult to recycle, a face shield with a foam layer is NOT recyclable
  • None of the components of VB Protect I Medical Face Shield contains textiles and/or an (absorbent) foam headband
  • Antiviral, antibacterial
  • Price competitive due to interchangeable face shields
  • Onafhankelijk getest volgens de ISO 21702-norm
  • CE-certificaat, PPE-regulation (EU) 2016/425 NEN-EN166